What is e2o?

Engineer to Order, or e2o, is an integrated project management and budgeting solution designed specifically for small to midsized project-centric companies and is delivered exclusively by Vision33.

e2o (Engineer To Order) offers unparalleled project management and budgeting functionality for companies in an engineer to order (ETO) or project-led manufacturing and delivery environment. This comprehensive solution aligns all areas of project management including planning, budgeting, quoting & estimating, material & capacity planning and time & material tracking. These industry-specific features are built in to core business management functions that join with production, inventory, accounting, CRM, sales and service management to provide an end-to-end tool for project-centric manufacturers, suppliers and services.

When companies use e2o, they will benefit from a flexible and tightly integrated project management process, perfectly adapted to their specific requirements.

Improve Delivery Reliability with Integrated Resource Planning

A project-driven company faces continuous challenges unique to their industry. Issues including resource constraints, management of subcontractors, changes to project scope over time and lack of data visibility, lead to projects running overtime or over budget, it is crucial for growing companies to address these issues early on to ensure long term success.

Having disparate project management tools, makes managing the conflicts between material-driven production and project-driven processes and dealing with ever-changing requirements a real problem.

If you struggle with these, perhaps it's time to switch to an integrated project and business management solution.

e2o product brochure download

Download the e2o Product Brochure

This PDF brochure provides an overview of e2o including:

  • e2o features for project management
  • e2o benefits for project management
  • Step-by-step information on using e2o

Read the e2o Customer Success Story: Detroit Speed

Detroit Speed Case Study

To keep on the inside track of business intelligence, Vision33 customer Detroit Speed needed a solution to manage its project-based auto body shop. That’s why they chose e2o integrated project management and budgeting solution, available exclusively from global SAP implementation partner, Vision33. Read the in-depth e2o customer success story to learn how the company achieved greater efficiency and visibility across its business with e2o.

"e2o provides us with greater transparency now that we can relate costs specific to each project for reporting and billing purposes."

Crystal Patterson Accounting Manager, Detroit Speed